Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bride Changing Mind ?

Do you ever have this feeling that everything is going all wrong ? I had really clear idea about how i will look on our wedding day.  No worries, no stress... At this particular moment there is a bit over a month time before the wedding day and suddenly everything goes upside down and now i feel huge doubts about everything. Well maybe not everything, but the hairstyle and hair accessories for sure. I paid good money for my hair accessory, so i just can't decide not to wear it - or can i ? Hairstyle changing is suppose to be easily done, but if i change it ... What kind of hairstyle will i have ? And should i try find new hairdresser or is the one i found already good enough ? I feel so confused. I don't want to look silly on my wedding day, i want to look fantastic!

Then i worn my wedding dress last time in November! What if it isn't as good looking on me as i remember it ? What if i will hate it ? What then ?

I think this doubts are because the wedding is getting so close and i know that if i want some changes to be done, i need to make them right now or it will be too late. Who would have guessed that i would want a perfect wedding day ?

Bridezilla time , huh ? :)



  1. Milloin teidän hääpäivä nyt olikaan? Ja ps. jotain kivaa on blogissani sinulle!

  2. Meillä ois 9 kesäkuuta, joten todella pian :D Tänään tuli pikkuinen panikkikohtaus kun hintoja laskeskelin ^^