Monday, April 16, 2012

Fight against rain - the umbrella

Finnish weather is really unpredictable. You can't never know what kind of weather will be. It can be extremely hot like it was last year on 9th of jun or it can be really cold like it was a year before that. Sometimes there can be even snowing in jun! Yeah crazy weather. So this made me think about needing a couple of umbrellas just in case it will rain on our wedding day. Personally I'm not stressing about possible rain as we have a lovely wedding venue at Oulu Holiday Inn hotel, so it can rain as much as it wants and we will still be able to nicely celebrate. And anyway some rain should bring luck ! <3

So the agenda is to look for some umbrellas so that we have something else than just the usual black ones in case it will rain!

Something white

I think i will be getting one of this two umbrellas, they are adorable <3

and this one <3

Something see through

Under this umbrella there won't be any problem for the guests to take photos of a wedding couple <3

Something different

How cute is this ? :)

Something colourfull

Something funny :)

Or maybe you just want something totally different and something no one expect you two to wear ? Hmm.. maybe not for the wedding though :)


Umbrellas from:

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