Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bride with a Hair Crown

For some girls the dress, flowers, shoes, veil, jewelry are the most important part of their bridal look. For me...  that is my hairstyle. My grandmother always said that the hair is girl's crown. That we should care of the hair and keep it looking beautiful. Maybe this is silly, but that is how i feel...

As my hairdresser told me, usually brides will just go to a hairdresser and say " I want some kind of a bun for the wedding " and that's it. For me some kind of a bun isn't something i would want. I have a long hair and i feel that i should somehow show my hair in the best way it is possible and not just hide it.

Then again i always have some sort of a bun to every wedding i go too and even on a everyday basis, so on my wedding day i want to have something different and some sort of a WOW factor in it. I won't have too many hair decorations as i want my hair to be the main attention taker but still something nice and possibly shiny.

So now i am stressing badly.. I need and want the most beautiful hairstyle there is possible to have ! Talking about not expecting too much. Then every single time i go to a hairdresser i always feel disappointed afterwards. When in high school we had a dancing evening for which we needed to have beautiful hairstyles, my hairdresser was terrified from the amount and length of my hair.. ( and personally i think my hair isn't that long or that think, it's a normal amount). And in the end she made one ugly hairstyle which i could have made myself with my eyes closed! Huge disappoint! I really do not want this to happen on my wedding day. Good thing that the hairdresser i found right now didn't seem to be scared of my hair and sounded even excited to do something different than usually. So, so far i feel more or less confident that she will be able to make me look good.. As in the end that is what every bride wants...

I had a dream last night and my hair was perfect this time!!!  First ever dream about our wedding without everything going badly :)

And so that it won't be all about me me me, here is a crown braid hairstyle! <3


How important hairstyle is to you?


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