Sunday, May 27, 2012

And Awesome Romantic Proposal

Still sick here.. But getting little better now. I have few little projects to do for our wedding day and i will be sharing them with you. For now, here is one of the most awesome proposals you can even think about! Enjoy it, i sure did enjoy myself  <3


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Where are we going now :)

Sorry for not writing for some time now. Our wedding is on its way ( under 3 weeks now ! ) and I'm in a little panic trying to make the last most important decisions. So far my bachelorette party was last Saturday. I went normally to work and my bridesmaids came to pick me up from work. And honestly, i had NO idea at all that my bachelorette party would be then :) I had an awesome day! I will be posting some of the photos when i have them ^^ Anyway i think i had too much fan on Saturday and now got fever and am all sick.... Yep, for two years i haven't been sick once and now i am. But i guess better now than one day before our wedding day. Yeps, positive thinking no matter what :)

Today had a call that my groom's outfit came and he will need to go and try it on and check if it needs any changes and i will finally have my wedding shoes on Friday! Menu is almost 100 % now checked. So basically looking good right now:)

I will try to write more in my blog now that my stress level is going down and i can relax a little bit!


BTW. trying to find some dress for our after party.. And it is simply pain in the.... to find cute white and not too expensive dress.. Any ideas where to look withing 2 weeks time ? ^^

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Making Flower Arrangements Yourself

I went to our local floral store and i was terrified of all the prices for the table arrangements. I really feel that after they hear word  `WEDDING´ the price goes up at least 20 % or even more. So this put me thinking about making at lest our own center peace flower arrangements ourselves. If you are going to make some flower arrangements yourself as well, then i would suggest to do few things: 
  • Condition your flowers well before arranging them. Begin by stripping off the leaves from the section of the stem which will be positioned in water. Cut the base of the stems on the diagonal and keep them in water for 24-hours before you need them.
  • To keep costs down, hire rather than buy vases for your flowers. Many florists offer a hire service for beautiful glassware and candelabras.
  • I would suggest to do a trial run, set up a table at home to see how your flowers will look on the day.
  • Personalise plain vases with ribbons, brooches and buttons bought from your local haberdashery shop.
  • And if you have time then defenantly go on a wedding flower course to learn hands-on tips and tricks to help you create your very own designer arrangements.

I personally considering the following arrangement in maybe little different way, but still with similar idea.


For making this flower arrangement you will need:
  • Sharp scissors
  • Drinking straws
  • 2 boxes of wheatgrass (sold in flats or boxes at health-food stores and flower shops)
  • 12 to 16 gerbera daisies
  • A pencil

Step 1
Cut the straws to match the height of the grass.

Step 2
Snip the daisy stems so they are slightly longer than the straws, then gently slide each stem into a straw. If the straws are too narrow for the stems, slit the straws from top to bottom.

Step 3
Poke holes in the soil with the pencil. Stick the straw-sheathed flowers into the holes. 

Step 4
Lightly water the soil to help the flowers stay fresh.
I will be writting here how our table arrangement making plan goes .. Wish me luck :)


Ps. the idea from here 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rainbow Gerbera

I was thinking about flowers for my bridesmaids when i saw colourful Gerberas and fall in love (like i too easily do when it comes to basically any flower type hehe ). This flowers makes me smile when i look at them, and i almost can hear them talking to me " Wouldn' you LOVE to see as in your arms on your wedding day? We would make you smile and bring you joy no matter what kind of weather is outside, pick us! " And honestly i feel tempted to forget the idea of a white bridal bouquet and go with something like this following ones.

Sunshine ! <3

But even in white there is just something special in Gerberas...

My fiance loves chili's as well and he is actually growing some of the world's most hot chilli's right at our apartment.. I think this combination of chilli's and gerberas could work very well on your buffet table :)

Bridal bouquet can be small and still look beautiful when bright coloured gerberas are used in it. I will take a wild guess by saying that this type of a bouquets are good for brides on a budget.

Omng i simply in love with 2 colour Gerberas... They are stunning ! Maybe something like this for my bridal bouquet after all ?

And who said there must be some colour theme? Maybe i want a rainbow in my bridal bouquet :)


Run Bride Run

Haha, wish i could participate one of this , looks funny :D


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Steampunk Accessories

I was always drawn to different and unique things. I can't say that one particular style would be all me, but i like different things, things that i see as beautiful and interesting. Before i would just enjoy looking and finding them and wear basic clothing and accessories like everyone else and try not to be noticed in any way. But year 2011 was the changing chapter in my life. I suddenly understood that i don't need to hide, don't need to try be like everyone else. And actually i have an interesting sense of style and ability to put different styles in one outfit ( i think i will show more of this side of me after the wedding thing is finally celebrated :)  ). Especially since deciding on the wedding day i am letting my imagination flow. I know my family will be extremely surprised when they finally see the look a chosen for myself as they already were surprised of our invitations :)

Anyway one of the unique styles I've been interested in is Steampunk. Especially the accessories of that style are unique and interesting looking. The basic idea of this style is to use the interiors of the old watches. This style has this feeling of something forbidden. Have you ever wonder as a child how the watch looks inside? I wondered, but never dared to open and look , and here you can see it all! Someone will say this jewelry is ugly and some will say it's beautiful... What this style won't do is put you in the shadows or leave you without any opinion.

These Steampunk cufflinks have 21 Jewel rose gold accusist watch movement. I actually thinking of getting this type of cufflinks for my fiance, i think he would love them !  OffTheCuff2010

Who said the bride should looks like a Christmas tree ? How about earrings like this ? edmdesigns

The heart necklace can be seen as a little cliche and i normally not a huge fan of them, but i really like the look of this heart with swarovski turquoise crystal. Something blue for the bride perhaps ?  edmdesigns

Butterfly by LondonParticulars

Steampunk hair accessories as well, like this hair fork by edmdesigns 


If you are interested in this style, here you can find some information what Steampunk is.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award- WoW!

I had one terrible day today. Woke up to work at 4:30 am ( and not a morning person myself - nope ).Went with my fiance to look for his wedding outfit and his knee started to hurt, so no shopping in the end. And most of all i suddenly got little panic attack on my way home, as i started counting all the things still needed for our wedding and especially all the money that still will go... Yeah not a good day. So what a fantastic and heartwarming thing i found out when i came home? Tanja H , (who's blog i read almost on a daily basis as it is so amazing and informative) chose me as one of the blogger to get The Versatile Blogger Award! How Awesome is that? :D I feel very honored , and feel like maybe just maybe i am doing something right and write something that someone might feel interested in ! Thank you Tanja ! <3

So after been chosen as one to get this fantastic award i will need to do the following things:

1. Name the 15 bloggers
2. Tell about you getting the Award
3. Tell 7 random facts about yourself
4. Thank the blogger from whom you received the award
5. Add The Versatile Blogger Award picture in your post

1. Nimeä 15 bloggaajaa.
2. Kerro heille tunnustuksestasi.
3. Kerro 7 satunnaista faktaa itsestäsi.
4. Kiitä bloggaajaa, jolta sait tunnustuksen.
5. Lisää The Versatile Blogger Awardin kuva postaukseesi.

So here are the random facts about myself :)

1. I'm a night person. The later the evening goes the more awaken i am. I wrote my seminar paper in University at night time and send  it to my professor at 2 am in the morning , yep :)

2. Me and my fiance are together for 10 years and know each other for 12 years, and my sister didn't believe me when i told her for the first time that we are getting married.

3. I think Terry Pratchett is one of the most amazing writers on this planet!

4. We have two adorable Westie dogs, mother and daughter.

5. I write better than i talk as i feel that my mind runs so fast that i just can't talk fast enough to get all the staff from my head :) People are actually surprised when they see the way i am able to write as i talk less.


7. I think there is something sexy in vampires, but not the sparkle ones :)

Oh no, there went all 7 random things, and i just started thinking and writing :)  Anyway here are few bloggers i would love to name <3