Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Steampunk Accessories

I was always drawn to different and unique things. I can't say that one particular style would be all me, but i like different things, things that i see as beautiful and interesting. Before i would just enjoy looking and finding them and wear basic clothing and accessories like everyone else and try not to be noticed in any way. But year 2011 was the changing chapter in my life. I suddenly understood that i don't need to hide, don't need to try be like everyone else. And actually i have an interesting sense of style and ability to put different styles in one outfit ( i think i will show more of this side of me after the wedding thing is finally celebrated :)  ). Especially since deciding on the wedding day i am letting my imagination flow. I know my family will be extremely surprised when they finally see the look a chosen for myself as they already were surprised of our invitations :)

Anyway one of the unique styles I've been interested in is Steampunk. Especially the accessories of that style are unique and interesting looking. The basic idea of this style is to use the interiors of the old watches. This style has this feeling of something forbidden. Have you ever wonder as a child how the watch looks inside? I wondered, but never dared to open and look , and here you can see it all! Someone will say this jewelry is ugly and some will say it's beautiful... What this style won't do is put you in the shadows or leave you without any opinion.

These Steampunk cufflinks have 21 Jewel rose gold accusist watch movement. I actually thinking of getting this type of cufflinks for my fiance, i think he would love them !  OffTheCuff2010

Who said the bride should looks like a Christmas tree ? How about earrings like this ? edmdesigns

The heart necklace can be seen as a little cliche and i normally not a huge fan of them, but i really like the look of this heart with swarovski turquoise crystal. Something blue for the bride perhaps ?  edmdesigns

Butterfly by LondonParticulars

Steampunk hair accessories as well, like this hair fork by edmdesigns 


If you are interested in this style, here you can find some information what Steampunk is.


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