Thursday, May 3, 2012

In love with Moonstone - Earrings

When you think about wedding jewelry - most will think about zircones ( as not many can afford diamond earrings, bracelets, tiaras and such) and lots of sparkle. And somehow we are forgetting about other incredible beautiful stones. I will try to introduce you to them and maybe just maybe you will find something different and even less expensive for your wedding day accessories. 

I personally never was a huge of a sparkle girl. Don't understand me wrong, i do like shiny items but over the top bling bling isn't something i can't see myself wearing. So when i found moonstone i simply fall in love with it. It has this little shy feeling in it as from the first look it might just look like a milky stone, but when light hits it you can see the hidden magic of colours in it. 

Only few gemstones have accumulated as much lore and romance as moonstone. This unusual gem with the distinctive milky shimmer has been known for thousands of years, and has been revered by many cultures. According to Hindu legend, moonstone was formed from moonbeams. At one time it was believed that if you held one in your mouth during a full moon, you can see your future. In India, moonstone is still regarded as a sacred stone and is widely believed to bring good fortune ( wouldn't you love to have some good fortune on your wedding day ? ). The ancient Romans also associated moonstone with the moon and speculated that the gem was formed from drops of moonlight. They considered the gemstones as possessing those properties traditionally associated with the moon: romance, femininity, intuition, dreams and the emotions. 

All moonstones are not necessarily white. The most know moonstone is Rainbow Moonstone . It is white milky stone with all the colours of the rainbow shining through when the light hits the stone.

Star Moonstone  can look shine as a stunning star when the light hits it or even look like Cat's Eye 

It can be difficult to think how this stones would look used in jewelry, so here are some moonstone earrings first :) 

Moonstone in peach colours. ElisabethSpace

Leaf shaped moonstone earrings. Justbethlevey


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