Sunday, May 3, 2015

Learning to Sleep on the Back. Night 1

Like I've told before I was terrified when I realized that there was something more dreadful than having a smiling wrinkles on the corners of my eyes. Learning about existence of a sleeping wrinkles has been an eye opening experience for me. And I decided right away, that first thing I will do, is teach myself to sleep on my back. Well easy to say than to do. Like you can see in the lower photo people usually spend only 33% of sleeping time on their back, 60% on their sides and 7% on their stomach.

When I was younger I would sleep probably up to 30 % on my stomach, 60% on my side and only 10% on my back. Luckily with growing of my bust sleeping on my stomach became so uncomfortable that sleeping on my stomach behaviour has been eliminated from my sleeping pattern entirely. Unfortunately that means that I sleep even more on my sides and the left side the most. Which my very first sleeping wrinkle can tell.

Last night for the first time I forced myself to sleep on my back. Saying that I didn't sleep well last night would be an understatement. It was a nightmare. I tried everything I could to make myself stay on my back. Firstly I tried a technique which I remember learning from a physical education instructor. It is thinking of each of my body parts and telling myself that they are "relaxing". Starting from my toes and going slowly to my head. It worked and I did even fall asleep, but woken up from the urge to turn on my side. I tried to fight, but then let it go and turned on my right side. I did try to eliminate risk of sleeping on the side by putting my pillow in such a way that only part of my head would be on the pillow and my face wouldn't touch it. That position worked slightly, but wasn't too comfortable.  After a while I made myself turn on my back again. 

So results of the first night:
  • Sleeping only on my back FAILED.
  • Not sleeping on my left side ( which now easily gets a red line after sleeping  ) was a SUCCESS. 
  • Having a good night sleep FAILED.

SOS: Sleeping Wrinkles

My entire life I've been hearing about the dreadful expression wrinkles. You know when you smile you get wrinkles at the corners of your eyes. Famous smoker's lines over your upper lip. Lines between your eyebrows. Forehead lines...  I feel sick every time when I see Justin Bieber and his forehead... Does he even realise how awful his forehead will look like in a few years to come with constantly keeping his eyebrows up? Unless of course he will start using botox or even more drastic beauty treatments. Anyway, I was prepared for all of those. At age of 33 you will expect some lines turning in to more permanent ones.  But I do not smoke, my forehead naturally has a tight skin and I can't raise my eyebrows up much. So I didn't worry that much.


But no one ever have said anything about danger of sleeping. A beauty sleep - what a joke. In the worst case sleeping will make your face age earlier than you would expect it. Did you know that? Have you ever think what is happening to your face while you sleep?

Have you ever woken up with the red lines on your cheek, under your eyes, on your forehead ? You know the ones you get on the side on which you've been sleeping all night ? Does this ring a bell ? Did you feel worried when you saw them in the mirror ? No ? Well, you should have been! You say, that those red lines do get lighter and disappear over day. And you are right. However with time those red lines will turn in to permanent wrinkles. Does this sound more worrying now ? You can actually become a Sherlock Holmes and determine on which side person likes to sleep only by looking at his or her face. As sleeping wrinkles do not lie.

So why no one ever speak about them ?  No one has ever told me, that the WAY I sleep will literally affect my appearance!

My realizing started with a normal waking up. I went to the bathroom the other day and looked at the mirror. I saw long red line on my cheek under my left eye. I've seen this same line many times before and knew it will go away and it did. But when I was washing my face that evening I looked more closely and was terrified! I saw that same line still there! I could barely see it, but it was clearly turning in to a wrinkle! How did that happen ? This wasn't something I was prepared for!

As a true member of a google generation I put computer on and write the words I never thought I would write " Wrinkles from sleeping ". I did not expect to get anything from this and was both delighted and terrified when I saw the result of my search. Yes I wasn't wrong, there was such thing as sleeping wrinkles. And I am having my first one.

This is what wikipedia has to say about sleeping wrinkles ->
Sleep wrinkles are created and reinforced when the face is compressed against a pillow or bed surface in side or stomach sleeping positions during sleep. They appear in predictable locations due to the underlying superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS), and are usually distinct from wrinkles of facial expression. As with wrinkles of facial expression, sleep wrinkles can deepen and become permanent over time, unless the habitual sleeping positions which cause the wrinkles are altered.

Lucily there are few things you can do to prevent a sleeping wrinkles. 
  1. SLEEP ON YOUR BACK. This is the most effective way to keep yourself from getting sleeping wrinkles. When you sleep on your back, your face is fully rested and won't get those dreadful lines.
  2. CHANGE YOUR PILLOW COWERS. Pillows made of satin or high thread counts are a worthy investment when it comes to wrinkle reduction. Those will minimize the damage to your face if you turn to your side in your sleep.
  3. BUY A WRINKLE FREE PILLOW. If you are not ready to start sleeping on your back only, then a wrinkle free pillow could be your way to go. 

A wrinkle free pillows are designed to keep your face from touching the pillow surface while still giving your head and neck a needed support. 

So here you go. Smiling wasn't the worst thing you can do to your face after all. Next on my list are 1. Learning to sleep on my back. There is first night behind with me trying to force myself to not turn on my side ( will write all about it ) and 2. find a way to get rid of already existing wrinkle lines that already there.

Wish me luck as there is a bumpy road ahead...

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Food on Sticks - Fruits

It is extremely hot here. Well, hot if you consider that the at this time last year just before our wedding the trees didn't have much leafs and it was cold and some snow on the ground. This year it is + 25 C for about 10 days now! Yeah this is HOT for Finnish weather :) When the weather is like this, my love for food on sticks wake up after long and cold winter!

Tomorrow me, my husband and our friends are going on a picnic and I've been looking for different foods on stick and it came to me, that this would be awesome for the weddings as well! Can there be any more fun way for especially kids to eat their food? And why not grown up as well !

How about fruits on sticks instead of flowers as the centre peaces ? :) I would definitely love some strawberries in chocolate <3

Apples can extrimely delicious on sticks with chocolate or caramel sauce !

You take an apple of your choice and use a melon scooper to get mini apples. You get about 8-10 mini apples out of one big apple. Put a stick in each apple and then squeezed moisture out of each mini apple with a paper towel. Melt some chocolate or caramel and dip each apple in it. If you want to decorate more then do it while chocolate isn't yet dry.

Mmmmm.... i think i shall make some for tomorrow's picnic! Yeah i definitely should :)


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Polka Dot Wedding Theme

Polka Dots... Can there be anything more prayerful and fun without been over the top princess like girly ? Polka dots will make anything look fun. Especially if you are going after 50's style wedding i would say that polka dots are your best friend to achieve the right feeling ! :) 

Polka Dots can be used in decorations, outfits, accessories and even in the food. Only imagination is the limit of where and how to use the polka dots. Here are some of examples i thought are inspiring!

Polka dot prints can be very simple as well, like white on white, blue on blue... By choosing this type of polka dot print you can achieve more ethereal look.

Dotty sheer things like this can be worn by the bride and her bridesmaids, they would be a cute little detail especially with a shorter length of a dress. photo

Are you afraid it will rain on your wedding day ? Well don't worry, with this cute umbrellas you will only wish for rain to start ! :)


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fairy Tale Wedding Dresses- Disney

Have you ever wondered how Disney's wedding dresses would look in real life ?  Well, now you do not need to wonder but see them yourself. Disney Bridal offers some stunning wedding dresses inspired by favorite Disney character's with a modern touch. I think they are stunning, but will those dresses make your guests recognise what character it belongs too... That is totally different question :)

Before i start, i must remind you that this dresses are NOT copies of the original Disney drawings. This wedding gowns take only inspiration from original ones. So lets start.....


The original wedding dress of Ariel has nothing which would remind of her been a mermaid. photo

The modern version is paying tribute to Ariel's mermaid silhouette, this romantic gown features re-embroidered lace and taffeta fabrics that move as gracefully as the ocean. Touches of sea-inspired details such as pearl beading, subtle metallic accents, crystal beading and sequins add a splash of the unexpected. 

I think that embroidery and especially skirt part of this dress is amazing! If you have hourglass body, this will look stunning on you !

And this is how stunningly beautiful this dress can look on a real bride photo


This is the original dress worn by Belle, photo

Stylish sophistication with a ballgown inspired by a single dance. This gown features a draped satin and crystal beaded corset with subtle hints of gold metallic embroidery. A detachable shrug and draped net pick-up skirt create added grandeur.

What i find interesting is, that the skirt of this wedding dress looks much bigger on the advertising photos than in reality  photo


The original wedding dress worn by Cinderella,  photo

Classic ballgown of tulle and glitter net over taffeta, inspired by Cinderella's glass slipper. The draped criss-cross bodice features a romantic sweetheart neckline accented with sparkling crystal beading and rhinestones.

I personally simply love the looks of this dress,  photo


I think Disney Tiana has a very interestingly cut dress (or better to say drawn). Especially the bodice of this dress would in my mind look stunning as a real life wedding dress. But the real life gown was actually made looking little


This truly stunning one-shoulder taffeta ball gown features dramatic ruched pick-ups, inspired by the grace of the water lily. The asymmetric draped bodice is embellished with beautiful beaded flowers, metallic embroidery and pearl accents.


Sleeping Beauty 

 Original dress worn by Aurora, thought it did change from blue to pink and back several times :D photo


This romantic taffeta gown featuring multiple layers of dreamy gossamer tulle, reminiscent of cascading briar rose petals. The re-embroidered lace and crystal beaded bodice with rose detail adds an elegant touch.

How the dress "really" looks like photo


This is how Jasmine looked on her wedding day, photo

Featuring flowing, soft shimmer satin and a micro-ruched bodice, the bejeweled neckline and halter strap with encrusted pearls, rhinestones and crystal beading add a touch of wanderlust.

Unfortunately i couldn't find a photo of a real bride trying this dress on. I am guessing, that this type of a dress asking a lot from the bride's figure and not many would be confident enough to wear something like this on their wedding day. Though the dress does look beautiful.



Snow White

The original look of the Snow White can be call iconic. Everyone remembers colourful dress Snow White was wearing in Disney's story. photo

This net-over-satin ball gown features a lace bodice of organza apple blossoms with shimmering rhinestone and crystal centers and a skirt with scattered blossom detail. A lovely satin sash and back bow make a graceful finish.

The left photo shows how this dress looks in reality and the right photo has an enchanted skirt. The girl on this photo felt, that this dress would have been amazing with a more bigger skirt. From this photos i must agree with the girl. But i am guessing this would be easily achieved with a bigger crinoline under the original dress. photo
Real wedding with the Snow White dress, photo


 The original dress worn by Rapunzel, photo

The gown features a one shoulder dropped waist and pleated bodice. Delicate three-dimensional satin petals and light catching sequins and crystals dance and float like the lanterns that carried her dreams. 

Rapunzel at the bridal show.

Hope you enjoyed looking at this Disney inspired wedding dresses. This are not the only ones that you can find, but to me this ones had the interesting and unique touches that fit to each princess.