Thursday, May 2, 2013

Polka Dot Wedding Theme

Polka Dots... Can there be anything more prayerful and fun without been over the top princess like girly ? Polka dots will make anything look fun. Especially if you are going after 50's style wedding i would say that polka dots are your best friend to achieve the right feeling ! :) 

Polka Dots can be used in decorations, outfits, accessories and even in the food. Only imagination is the limit of where and how to use the polka dots. Here are some of examples i thought are inspiring!

Polka dot prints can be very simple as well, like white on white, blue on blue... By choosing this type of polka dot print you can achieve more ethereal look.

Dotty sheer things like this can be worn by the bride and her bridesmaids, they would be a cute little detail especially with a shorter length of a dress. photo

Are you afraid it will rain on your wedding day ? Well don't worry, with this cute umbrellas you will only wish for rain to start ! :)



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  2. These are some really beautiful cakes I see. Polka dots have never been out of fashion, be it in clothes, shoes, or food for that matter! :)