Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Where are we going now :)

Sorry for not writing for some time now. Our wedding is on its way ( under 3 weeks now ! ) and I'm in a little panic trying to make the last most important decisions. So far my bachelorette party was last Saturday. I went normally to work and my bridesmaids came to pick me up from work. And honestly, i had NO idea at all that my bachelorette party would be then :) I had an awesome day! I will be posting some of the photos when i have them ^^ Anyway i think i had too much fan on Saturday and now got fever and am all sick.... Yep, for two years i haven't been sick once and now i am. But i guess better now than one day before our wedding day. Yeps, positive thinking no matter what :)

Today had a call that my groom's outfit came and he will need to go and try it on and check if it needs any changes and i will finally have my wedding shoes on Friday! Menu is almost 100 % now checked. So basically looking good right now:)

I will try to write more in my blog now that my stress level is going down and i can relax a little bit!


BTW. trying to find some dress for our after party.. And it is simply pain in the.... to find cute white and not too expensive dress.. Any ideas where to look withing 2 weeks time ? ^^


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    1. Kiitos Tanja :) Mut mä sitten löysin ebay:ssä aivan upean Lipsy perhosmekon ja voitin biddauksen! Mä oon sitten perhosena hääpäivän lopussa :D