Thursday, April 19, 2012

Romantic Wedding Bags

When you think about how traditional bride should look like. The first words that coming to my mind is romantic, ethereal, girly, lovely... It doesn't mean that today's bride should look that way, but if you feel that you want to be all of those, then maybe the romantic type of a wedding bag will help you achieve the desired look.

This bridal clutch bag is romance in its purest form. It is made of an white material and wrapped around with a layer of ivory tulle and adorned with pieces of Alençon French lace and organza flower and hand beaded fresh water pearls all over the bag.  The handle of this bag is made of a string of pearls, strung with a knot between each pearl just to give it a finished vintage romantic look. Made by ANGEEW

Beautiful lace and just a little sparkling rhinestone leaf shaped brooch to give it even more delicate look. Made by TheRedMagnolia

The bag will definitely look cute with a bow. 

This amazing bags are made from handwoven, hand painted, hand dyed vintage silk kimono fabrics. Perhaps something old for your outfit?  Made by Paulownias

How adorable is this one ? I think if i would have something like this, i could just die happy :) Made by BijouxandCouture

Romantic isn't necessarily always white or even a light colour.

This is a traditional looking bridal bag  made of an ivory matte satin drawstring with net overlay, trimmed in net lace, satin ribbon bow and pearl/crystal centering. Made by JLWeddings

This romantic small bag crocheted of ivory organic cotton yarn,decorated with milk white glass beads and has lining of white organza. Perfect for country wedding. Made by 2HandMade

This amazing bag is made from felt pure 18,5 mic Merino Woo, faux pearls and mulberry silk.The bag as a traditional bridal shape but unique look. Made by TianaChe The only negative is that Tiana's prices are on a higher side and the bag comes from Russian, so some duty payments are expected. Otherwise i would have gotten half of her store right away :)


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