Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Finding Wedding Ring Mission

I am feeling little stressed right now because our wedding is so close by and i still do not have any kind of a wedding ring to go with my engagement ring. If you would ask my fiance , he would say that no diamond ring should be needed at all... But i feel that this is the only opportunity to have a diamond in my life. My own engagement ring is simple half round golden ring. I thought with such a simple engagement ring i would easily find something awesome to go with it... yep, i was deeply wrong there :)

The biggest issue with finding a wedding ring is my taste. I do not want millions of little diamonds on my finger. I like elegant and interesting shape and just one our a couple of diamonds. And yes this one diamond should be clearly seen and no just a little sparkle somewhere... Basically my taste is expensive :) Last winter i found one wedding ring, but honestly we couldn't afford it. Yesterday i went on a kinda real wedding ring hunt and found this two rings.

A simple and elegant white gold ring with 0,28 diamond. Timeless and fits my engagement ring perfectly as both rings have similar half round ( lord of the ring - type ) shape. I really like it, but i feel that here in Finland this is probably one of the mostly seen ring looks ? Is it little boring as well ?

And then i saw this ring... I've tried it in a white gold .. And it was simply amazing! The ring had 0,45 solitaire diamond. I would probably ask for a smaller stone of 0,40 as i think it would be more than enough bling for me and less of a price tag. Anyway i love this interesting shape of two "lily flowers" on both sides of the diamond. I like this unique look that not every single bride has on. I like this vintage feeling. If i choose this one, then i have no idea would i take it in a white gold like the one i tried in the jewel store, or should i take this one with yellow and white gold....

So what do you think ?


PS: tomorrow going to a few other jewel stores , i need to do the proper job now - Finding Wedding Ring Mission continues :)


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  2. I understand how you feel about wanting a diamond for your wedding. That’s a normal sentiment among women. That first ring is not boring at all. It’s actually quite elegant because of its simple sparkle. That second ring is quite the stunner. It’s unique because it’s not your average ring band. It has a design on it. If you choose this second ring, it would, in my opinion, look better in the yellow-gold with the white-gold detail.

  3. I was thinking and overthinking.. And then in the end i got the second ring in full white gold! It is simple amazing! <3

  4. Finding a wedding ring that will fit you may seem like an easy task, but it isn't. With lots of options to choose from, together with your preferences and taste, finding a wedding ring can be tedious to the point of time consuming. For me, though, you made a great choice of choosing the gold ring! That's also my bet! :)


    1. Thank you Bridget :) I've got the ring and will be showing off some photos a bit later. This was little stressing as i wanted something more unique looking but still which would stand againts time very well and i think this one does!

  5. You certainly had a lot of things in your mind about diamond rings when you were buying your wedding ring! And you know what? That’s not bad at all! That should help you find the perfect ring for you. That brings me to my next question, though: What ring did you settled for? Based on your research, I bet you found the perfect one for your wedding.