Friday, April 6, 2012

Flower Arrangements - Pink Dreams

When designing a table centre flowers, you shouldn't forget that there are likely to be champagne, wine and water glasses surrounding the arrangement. It would be good to make sure that flower arrangements aren't too low and therefore get hidden by the surrounding tableware. At same time it should be possible to see those guests who seat across the table, as there is nothing worse than flower arrangements that hide everyone who seats across the table. The best is to make a trial flower arrangement with glasses and check how would it look like. Here are some of the pink ideas for your table central flower arrangements :)

Huge martini glasses with flower and colourful stones. A unique and interesting way of making a center peace. From  Light In The Box store.

Absolutely breath taking beautiful pink gerberas, lilies and roses photo

There are no rules on what kind of vase should be. It can be a normal glass for water like here photo

 Or a white pitcher with millions of different types of pink flowers.I love how this looks like flowers were just arranged without a deeper thought photo

How about putting each individual flower in a little glass container ( a bottle for example ) photo

If you decide on the high center peaces , i would suggest to make them thin and with less flowers - like here

Simple but beautiful ! <3 photo


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