Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Luxurious Sparkle Wedding Bags For the Bride

So wedding is on its way and i suddenly noticed that i have no wedding bag! And a bride can't be without some sort of a bag to keep all the important items. "For example a mobile phone in church so that can change status into married right away" hehe,  maybe not :) Anyway, i found  lately that if i need something i first go and check on etsy and only after that go and look around other Internet stores. Unique and handmade ( which not always same as expensive ! ) has been an important part of our wedding. The wedding is the "only" time when you can really go over the board with having sparkling tiaras, jewelry, dresses.. So why not go all luxurious with your bag as well ? What is good about this type of a wedding bags is that it actually possible to use them after the wedding as well!

I am simply in love with kiss lock type of purses. Really happy that they are actually slowly but still coming back. I both love the look of the kiss locks and even more in love with the sound they make when you close them. The little cute "click" . Yep I'm that odd, but i love them <3




Still there are more than just a kiss lock type of a bridal bags to choose from. How about this ones ?


Can't be more sparkle than this i guess :) Made by AmericanCherry

How about using some colour in your wedding purse? What do you think ?

And some romantic and luxurious. What a beautiful work made on this purse! Made by AmericanCherry

More romantic wedding purses in the next post :)


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