Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Romantic Wedding Photos

Our photographer is simply amazing! We had a date for our photo shoot already chosen, but because of schools ending at that week we decided that it's better to move our scheduled photo shoot a bit later. I knew i needed to call and tell what day i would want to have, but i was always telling myself " I'll call later " , " I call tomorrow" " My work is so close to their office, so i will go there personally" and so on and so on.. And over a month time went that way.. Yep, laziness... So what a lovely surprise i got yesterday, when i get a phone call from assistant of our photographer who asked what date will we want - so that we wouldn't loose a good day! Such a small thing, but made me feel extremely important and happy hehe

So now that I'm all happy about finally having the exact day we have our photos at, i think it would be nice look for photo types i would like for our wedding day. Like i have told already we would like ( or i would like and my fiance goes with it) to take photos somewhere near the river. I love trees, water, big rocks.. that kind of a place i would like for your photo shoot. So i do know where i want it, but how would it look like ? Here are few of the ideas i found and would love to share with you:

This few photos i found on google some while ago and love the mood <3 Maybe with my sisters... would be awesome !

I think we should start learning this pose for our photo shoot :) But how hard can it be anyway... hmm ? ^^

Imagine this photo but with the tree between bride and groom... I can see it in my mind how romantic would it look <3 Photo

Like this but once again think about a big tree and a river behind ! Love it <3 photo


Or maybe something funny as well ?^^ photo


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