Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wedding Shoes - Part 1

I never thought that wedding shoes will actually be the most stressing thing in my bridal look! I expected to have huge difficulty in finding a dress, deciding on my hairstyle and flowers. But no, those all went so easily and smooth. And the shoe dilemma came. I actually had couple of shoes in my mind before i went to find a wedding dress and when i fall in love with the wedding dress, and then found out that all the shoes i wanted - had too high heel. I never consider myself very tall only 172 cm ( 5'8" ), so it came as a surprise for me that i can wear shoes not higher than 7 - 7,5 cm ( 3 3/4 inches) with my wedding dress. I don't know about bridal stores in your cities, but here it seems that all the wedding shoes are mostly 8 - 12 cm ( about 3-5 inches ). 

So what a bride like me should do ? I do not want to cut my dress shorter and wear flats and i can't add extra inch to my wedding dress...  This bride decided to try find something in the wild wild web :) And i found Minna Parikka white shoes and was so extremely happy as they were said to be about 7,5 cm heel. So i ordered them...

But when they came here i found a huge disappointment.. I actually shouldn't be so surprised as the heel does look kinda high even tho online store said that heel is about 7,5 cm. But when they came i measured the heel and it was actually about 10 cm ( 4 inch ).  I thought i would cry when i measured.. they were so adorable :( But anyway i need to start searching for some other shoes and hope that the heel height will be accurate this time. Honestly I'm little scared that i won't find what i like and in right height :(

This ones i consider now from Brandos

I like this style a lot. I think they would compliment my wedding dress really well. If something critical to say, is that I'm not sure that the fabric and the quality in this shoes will be good. But you won't know if you won't try. Was it so ?

One of the most cute looking shoes I've ever seen! Totally bridal looking, but they are showing toes, and I'm not too happy to show them. But yeah i love this ones !

No so sure about this shoes. There just something that doesn't let me right away to say " Yes those i want!". But as the wedding day coming closer and closer i decided to try be less critical and just try things. Who knows, maybe they will look stunning when i see them life, and they have the best heel height. If i can trust any website and their heel height measurements anymore :)

Not sure about wearing sandals and showing my toes. Then again i think this shoes could definitely wear after the wedding as well, which is an important part in my mind.  The flower "diamond" decoration is really beautiful.

Basic white shoes.

I'm simply in love with this shoes! But i just don't know if they come on time for our wedding.. Aren't they stunning ? <3 American Duchess


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