Friday, April 13, 2012

Wedding Ring Search Is Over

That is it. The wedding ring search is finally over ! I am really happy that i do not need to go to all the stores anymore ! What a relief! I know some girls love shopping, but i personally shop the best through my computer screen :)

So i went today to all the jewel stores in our little town and after that i was sure. There is one ring i really want ! So this Lily ring will be my in a 2-3 weeks times as it was needed to be ordered. And got some discount on it. 

Happy Happy Joy Joy :)

So, this is my wedding ring! But my will be in white gold! <3 Can't wait to have it here :) It doesn't have lots of bling bling , has only one bigger diamond, but i feel it's gorgeous anyway ^^



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    1. Kiitos :) Mä otan sitten parempia kuvia kun se on täällä minun luonna , my precious ^^