Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our Wedding Invitations

I've been talking few times by now about how important the wedding invitations are. They are first hints for the guest on what to expect on the wedding day. The colouring, decoration, text type. All those will give some clues. It is possible that I've taken this invitation importance to the next level hehe 

Me and my fiance have been together for 10 years now, 7 years engaged.. So you could say that I've had some time to think what i like and don't like. So when the time came to decide what kind of invitations will we have, it was extremely easy for me. I just knew what i wanted! Luckily my fiance doesn't care as much, so i could use my imagination.

I was first thinking of making our invitations from the start all by myself, but then i found a place that was actually making my dream invitations! That was HORIZON company from Poland. And the end result was better than i could ever had expected! <3

Here is the package of our invitations as they arrived

We have both invitations in Finnish language and a couple of invitations in English. I've just sended the information i wanted to be wroten  on the invitations and ordering went extrimely easely and fast.

My idea was to have invitations that would look like an old letter. I used beautifully old type of polite finnish and english languages (i will show the exact text in the next post :) ). Like you can see our invitations have burned edges which makes them look even more old.

And to make our invitations looking even more old i've sealed our invitation letters with a seal wax stamps which had first letter of our names KH .

All of our invitations ready

Finnish post has very beautiful postage stamps which actually in the colouring were just perfect! <3

Invitations are ready to be posted <3


Ps: I know that people eather will love our invitations or hate them, but i am extrimely happy with them :)