Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Steampunk/Victorian Romantic Cuffs

I've been in love with the lace cuffs since i first time saw The movie "Interview With A Vampire". At the end of the movie Tom Cruise's character is driving the car and he takes the dirty old lace cuffs form under his jacket. And there was something extremely sexy in his gesture. Yeah a man can wear lace cuffs and can look sexy in my mind :) Oh and just to make it clear.. I am NOT a fan of Tom Cruise otherwise :)

I actually forgot about cuffs for many years after that movie, but at some point they did came back to my mind. This time for good. And this feeling of wanting to pull some fantastic cuffs on my wrists became stronger and stronger. I know i am one of the most confusing people when it comes to fashion. I love such a different things.. But oh well i am what i am. Anyway with my own wedding coming closer and closer i am looking deeper and deeper inside myself, who i am and what i love. And different things are coming to my mind and I'm afraid people around me will see some changes in my everyday wardrobe as well and not only on my wedding day, as i am finding the deep down "Me". Have you noticed learning something about yourself ?

So today i will be showing one of my deepest loves... romantic Victorian/Barokko cuffs. I hope you will be able to look at them without prejudice and maybe with some little interest. What is sure, is that not every bride will have a courage or even wanting to wear them, but maybe to someone will want to try them.

This photos taken from Italian Lakes Wedding-Blog, wedding cuff design from Krista Raak

 This bride had only one unique looking lace cuff on her wrist. It is interesting how such an accessory gives this beautiful bride such an unique and romantic look.

This fabulous Felted Cuffs are beaded with sea akoya, freshwater pearls and gold plated beads. They are felted from merino wool tops, cashmere and 1 yard of fabulous rare Indian silk ! Unique design by TianaChi I simply in love with Tiana's works. Her designs are truly unique and crafted with love. They are little more expensive because of the fantastic expensive materials used, but i wish one day i will be able to get something that is made by her. This cuffs could have been perfect on my wedding day, but without the golden pearls, as i have all silver and ivory coloured :)

This steampunk cuff was created from poly shantung, lace, ribbons and beautiful jewel. The base of this cuff is a corset type with lacing. Created by Seams Victorian

 Lace and Cameo arm cuffs by Bound By Obsession

The gathered body of this cuffs is modern, but the large lace flounce is amazing
organdy c1915. This perfect union of Now and Then was created by Queen of Cuffs


This Tudor time inspired cuff is made of lace, ribbons, plenty of baubles, buttons, a large bronze heart charm,zircons, gold accents. Designed by One Perfect Day

Sisters Rose And Ruby



Union of soft modern lace cuffs with image of  beautiful and famous Marie-Antoinette, by Queen of Cuffs

Lace and picture of the beard as well from Queen of Cuffs


Labella French

Queen of Cuffs

My Funky Camelot

Mary and Angelika

Mademoiselle Mermaid

White french lace cuffs, by Mary and Angelika

Jane Austen novel inspired delicate wrist cuff is made of hand dyed antique Irish crochet lace in shades of gray and pale brown, adorned with hand beaded details. Designed by Krista Raak

This  romantic wrist cuff is made of selected vintage and antique laces and trims, silk and hand knitted mohair lace. Adorned with hand embroidered and beaded floral and vintage crystals. Designed by Krista Raak

 Romantic Fabric Cuff Bracelet made vintage Lace ,organza flower,polyester silver fabric and buttons. From Seragun
The lace for this bracelets was reclaimed from a vintage 1950s lace collar. Pinned and Sewn

This cuff is created from upholstery meant for a window treatment, several zippers, ribbon, beads and lace. Two long silk ribbons are attached to the back to easily create a large loopy bow around wrists. Created by Cheyne Starbabies

I still not too sure that any sort of cuffs would fit my wedding dress and jewelry i will be wearing. But i defenantly thinking of a possibility of wearing one.


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  1. Absolutely Fantastic work...just beautiful!!!