Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In love with Lily of the Valley

There is a new flower i am simply in love with, and that's is Lily of the Valley ! There is something so delicate and feminine and beautiful in those little white flowers! Our wedding in on 9th of jun. Spring and Summer usually come late her in Finland. So maybe , just maybe i could have some Lily of the Valley in my bridal bouquet! <3

The only things i am worried about are this.
  • Florists say that Lily of the Valley can either stay well or can die very fast. So there is this little risk that my bridal bouquet will have some very dead looking flowers in it :)
  • Lily of the Valley has kinda strong adore. So must be careful with not overusing this beautiful and fragile flower
  • The flower as i heard can be kinda  expensive, but hope that it will be less expensive on it's growing season

Gare Kelly with Lily of the Valley flowers on her wedding day ! Photo <3

Catherine's bouquet here


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  1. Love Lily of the Valley !
    associated with beauty + purity - + happiness, they are traditionally planted by newlyweds.
    scent is said to imbue gentleness, a sweet disposition + a sense of security! (Note: not safe to eat - just in case tempted !)
    They are very sensitive to heat and can quickly wilt + discolour but they can be kept in fridge until last minute (away from any veg)