Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Lace Border Wedding Veil

"I will not have a veil." I had this thought for as long as i can remember. Don't understand me wrong, i did like the veils on other brides but i just couldn't see myself wearing one. I thought i would simply look like wearing a curtain over my head haha So think how surprised i was when trying out my wedding dress i saw a veil i felt like wanting to try on. I put this veil on and something happened , i simply fall i love with it and i knew i would have one on my wedding day. Yes it was that simple. I didn't buy that veil on that day ( i still needed to think how could i change my opinion about veils so suddenly), but few month later i did came back... and the veil, same veil i tried few month earlier came back home with me! Welcome home baby! <3

When i saw how beautifully staff of  the bridal store ( Morsiusatelje Katariina ) packaged my veil i felt like they were giving me a gift and not me simply paying for one. Haha, i was jumping up and down, literally, like a little kid on a Christmas eve :D

 My veil was steam ironed and put in a lovely box cowered in silk paper with a silk ribbon <3

And here is my veil! It's ivory coloured like my wedding dress. Beautifully crafted. I couldn't be happier than i am ! Made by Sis Idman

Close up of the lace design on my veil. Isn't it beautiful ? It has some sparkles as well, enough to make it look stunning but settle enough to keep it timeless and elegant.

I won't be showing my veil with the whole length as it is so nicely packaged right now. But i will be posting some more photos of it on my wedding day ! <3

We don't have any wedding traditions in my family. So i kinda hope that maybe this veil could become one. It is fantastic quality, with elegant design. So maybe, just maybe my sisters would want to wear it after me and start our own tradition. I think this veil deserve it! :)


Ps. Suuri kiitos Morsiusateljee Katariinan henkilökunnalle, viellä muutamia juttuja ostamatta joten oon tulossa viellä takaisin  / Big thank you to Bridal Store Katariina's staff , still few things are needed to be bought so i will be coming back <3


  1. What a beautiful veil! I thought I would never wear veil either and I almost changed my mind after seeing some pretty photos of other brides with veils. But I had to be true to myself. It's just not my thing. :/

  2. Thank you <3

    Personally i'm sure i will take my veil off right after the wedding ceremony is over and some photos are taken near the church. My dress is strapless, so i needed something to cover my shoulders in the church. And after falling in love with the look of this veil i felt that problem with bare shoulders ended there :) But you are really right, if something isn't you - then why wear it, the most important thing is to be true to yourself and not just do something because it's a normal thing.

    Like we won't have a classical finnish "humppa"-type of a band, it's just not who we are as a couple, think how our famely members will be dissapointed when they will findout hehe

  3. Truly a stunning wedding veil. I am arranging my nephew’s wedding next month and searching for lovely wedding venues nyc currently. Searched online and got to know about few wonderful venues. Looking forward to book best one.

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