Friday, March 16, 2012

Groom and Bestman: Choosing their Outfits

My fiance isn't very fond of any kind of party's with family and such. He likes to wear jeans, t-shirts and snickers . And that's basically all year long. So having to put something fancy for our wedding day is not something he is fond off.

Interesting thing is, that his brother, who is a best man as well, is a total opposite. He loves to dress in a nice way. And he actually want to wear super fancy outfit for our wedding :) As he says that's the only time a man can dress fancy. Basically best man wants a morning suit. Something like this:

And my fiance said he would put a black normal suit with no shiny fabric and in a dark colour. Something like this:

Personally i think they two should work it out together. I would love to see my fiance in a fancy outfit, but it should be his own choice and not my. It is not only my wedding in the end and he must have opportunity to decide what he will wear. The only thing i hope for is that he won't come in shorts, t-shirt and sandals to church! If he comes almost in anything else - i will be all happy happy joy joy :)

But anyway. This situation is actually very interesting. I expecting any day now that those two will go to search for something to wear. And i simply have 0 idea what will they get. :) Who's opinion will win ? Ohh, i so wish i could hear all those discussions this two will have while choosing their clothing!!!

I will be telling you how it goes and what those two will decide in the end !


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