Saturday, March 24, 2012

Making Seal Wax Stamps


So we decided to have a seal wax stamps on our wedding invitations and possibly as decoration at our wedding venue as well. I thought i would try out making some stamps. Here are items i had for making some seal wax stamps.:
  1. A spoon ( that you will never be able to use again after making seal wax stamps ), 
  2. Stamp itself
  3. Seal wax sticks
  4. Candle ( in the end i used 2 candles at same time as my spoon was so big )
  5. Match
  6. Foil (because i want to be able to take stamps off easily for practising)
  7. And a cold water cup ( for cooling down my stamp, though make sure your stamp is dry before making stamps )

 I break seal wax stick

I then put my spoon with seal wax over the candle and let wax melt. Yeah it take a long time to melt, so in the end i had 2 candles to make melting little faster.

 After seal was was melted i put small amount of wax on the foil and put seal wax stamp on it very fast ( wax cools down extremely fast so need to put seal wax stamp right away)  keep stamp few seconds on wax and take off)

 Here are some seal wax stamps i made. Some are very nice looking, but some are not as good. But i think practise is needed in everything we do, so i hope by the time i will need to send our invitations i will have mostly good looking seal wax stamps!

I like seal wax stamps that are bigger size with nice "chubby" edges :) 


Ps. Seal Wax Stamp and Seal Wax Sticks from Blue Sign

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