Monday, March 12, 2012

Cartoon Hairstyles on Your Wedding

I honestly don't know where and when i found this picture, but i would really want to share it with you!  Hopefully the one who originally made it won't get mad at me, as i simply can't find the original place anymore :(

I have a soft spot in my heart for different hairstyles. And i always loved to read fairytale stories. So when i found this picture- i was i heaven. My two favorite things at same time! The hairstyles of different princess and other popular female characters in a drawing! Isn't this cool ?

So i thought i would try to find for some of the cartoon hairstyles a "real" hairstyle :) Here is what become of that :

Snow White

 Katy Perry,just a red ribbon is missing to make it look perfect!

This girl has a little longer hair than original Snow White, but i think she still fit the theme! Here

I've tried to search for Ariel hairstyle and this one is the best I've found so far. I think the girl really looks like Ariel !


I think this girl managed to make a very good Belle hairstyle. But basically i would say that all the hairstyles that are half up and half down kinda remind of Belle's hairstyle.


Sleeping Beauty


 Basically Cinderella hairstyle would be some sort of a high bun on top of your head.



I think today's Wendy hairstyle could look like this. As no bride would want to look too cartoonish on her wedding day :)


Ps: photos are taken through google search :)


  1. The girl with the Ariel hair! Perfection!

  2. I am not sure but the girl with "Ariel" hairstyle looks like Traci Hines. I follow her on YouTube, she sings Disney songs and stuff (
    - Ela

  3. She doesn't look like Ariel. Her hair is what makes her look like Ariel, not her face.

    1. ´Well, i was more interested exactly in that hair and not the face :D