Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bridal Lingerie - Sexy/Cute Bloomers

So i am thinking about going through bridal lingerie in my blog. I believe that any outfit no matter what is it for starts from the right underwear. You need different underwear for different events, and wedding is one of the most important days in any girls life. We see a lot talking about such things like weddings dress, accessories, veils, hairstyles, flowers and even shoes. But somehow lingerie still gets less attention in the bridal magazines. I might be wrong here, but so i feel. It could be because lingerie is something that no one except bride and groom on the wedding night see.

Anyway I would like to go through both traditional and some less traditional lingerie. I might even have a guest blogger talking more about lingerie and how to choose the right one ( as my friend knows a lot more than me about the matter ). I would like to start with such a sexy lingerie as bloomers. Yeah you might think i went nuts. How in the world something like bloomers could be sexy. Strings are usually the ones  that get the "sexy" name on them. But personally I've noticed that showing less of your body sometimes makes you look more sexy than showing more. I think same thing goes with underwear. So yes girls, i will start with bloomers:)


The original bloomers were an article of women's clothing invented by Elizabeth Smith Miller of Peterboro, New York an early pioneer of the vulcanized rubber girdle, but popularized by Amelia Bloomer in the early 1850s (hence the name, a shortening of "Bloomer suit"). They were long baggy pants narrowing to a cuff at the ankles (worn below a skirt), intended to preserve Victorian decency. Most of the women who wore the bloomer costume were deeply involved in dress reform, abolition, temperance and the women's rights movement. Although practical, the "bloomers" were also an attempt to reform fashion since the majority of "bloomers" were also in upper to middle class and also in the public eye. Later on bloomer started first go shorter and then changed into pants and of course strings, and now hopefully coming back. 


Some might remember that bloomers are already very popular in Lolita style of clothing, where you supposed to dress like a little cute doll, but i think they are not the only one who can use them :) And i will really try to convince you that they can not only be cute but sexy and not childish at all. In the end it all depend how and with what you wear them.

 First i would like to show you some of more traditional bloomers look. The ones you could consider especially if you are interested in wearing a Victorian/Steampunk style of a dress for you wedding day. I would suggest that if you choose some specific era for you bridal look , consider having as many parts of that era as it is only possible. 


Cute and romantic bloomers by Freepeople . I'm not too sure that many would wear this style as an underwear outfit, but i personally would love it for the night gown :)

Sexy little shortie bloomers in fine and delicate mesh lace with elasticated legs and ribbon and lace bows on each leg for a more daring bride, by Lovechild Boudoir

This corset bloomers are not old or boring looking! Katherina Andreeva

Some funny looking bloomers for those who want some colour for your wedding day. How about bloomers in the colours of your grooms favorite soccer club ? :) Ok, they are not very sexy looking here, but adorable and cute that is for sure ! My Delilah Burlesque

I would not suggest you to wear bloomers under thin fabric and skin following dresses. With those normal pants and strings are the best. Other thing, bloomers by itself can easely look old or even little silly looking. I would say that with bloomers corset is a very important part, as it somehow makes bloomers look appropriate and sexy. Here are some photos <3

I simply love this photo. Corset, modern blooomers, garters, stayups and highheels.. Can you really say this look is not hot ? Angela Friedman

So what do you think ? Did i convince you to at least consider some bloomers on your wedding day ? Well, at least i did convince myself. So now just searching for the ones that are perfect for me and my budget :)



  1. http://www.facebook.com/degrubbelies.clothing

    here's a nice selection of bloomers for you - can be custom made and only £20

  2. and here :) www.etsy.com/shop/DeGrubbelies

  3. thankyou for the mention!
    Charlotte of Vilicious

    1. It was easy choice to do, as the products are simply to die for gorgeous looking <3

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