Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Putting On The Wedding Dress

When you choose your wedding dress.. Did you think about how you will put it on? Did you know who will actually be helping you with it? Were you sure that someone would know how to lace the back of the dress? Or maybe this thought never came to your mind while you were admiring yourself in the mirror? Well, those questions are important. And if you didn't think about this yet, then this is very good time to think and talk with people around you. The thing is , that the more complicated and bigger the dress is, the more help you will need. On my wedding day i needed both my mom and my sister to help with putting the dress on, as otherwise my hair and makeup wouldn't survive the journey :)

Photo from 1860 by London Stereoscopic Compan

and today....


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  1. It often happens that bride choose a wedding dress that becomes more of a burden on her. It is better to choose the dress in which you feel comfortable as a bride.