Friday, November 9, 2012

Proposal Photos

When my husband propose to me it was nothing like the following photos. It was Sunday, i was watching TV on our living room sofa. It was the day after our good friends wedding. When suddenly my man came to living room, close TV and came down on one knee asking to marry him. This is how it went :

Him: "...... would you marry me ?"
Me: " are you joking ?"
Him: " would you marry me ?"
Me: " are you seriously asking ?"
Him: " well, would you marry me ?"
Me: " so you really not joking and this is a real question ?"
Him: " would you finally answer me ?"
Me : YES ! :D

So no beautiful clothing (old shirt and some lazy pants), no beautiful place ( messy living room ) and definitely no one to take photos to remember. Still to me that moment was special with all my hesitations and disbelieve. Oh and no engagement ring! As we went together to choose few weeks later. But sometimes i do hope that i could see this moment once again, see his face, my reactions .. But i have only my memories which i hope won't fade too much :D

Some grooms are more prepared that my own husband and they do take a risk and photograph the engagement moment. Here are some stunningly beautiful engagement moments ! <3


So if your man done something like that for you, please remember to appreciate the moment :D


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