Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bridal Hair Combs - Silver Shine

I've always liked hair combs. They can easily make any hairdo look more festive and more bridal. If you are not one of those people who want to wear a tiara on your wedding day, then maybe hair comb is just the right thing for you! The hair combs can be made from different materials and in a numerous amount of different styles. Just choose something what is close to your heart. Remember that accessories can be the ones that will make your bridal hairdo look finished, so choose carefully something that will compliment your chosen style and not compete with it.

This is the famous hair comb replica from the Twilight movie. Hope this movie will make hair combs even more popular that they are right now ! This hair comb can be purchased here 

I think this hair comb has similar feeling like twilight movie one , but is more elegant , Lolambridal

I've always thought that silver is the most beautiful and elegant metal. So i strongly believe in bridal jewelry made in that colour. Here are some design for you to consider.  Some are big and more glamorous and some are smaller and ethereal looking. Hope you will find one for you or / and your bridesmaids.

Snowflakes for winter bride perhaps ?misunbridal

same hair comp in up do

same stunning hair comb in the hairdo <3

Peacock wedding comb, Glamorous Bijoux

This type of a big comb could look stunning with a birdcage veil .Glamorous Bijoux

Feathers can't look more elegant than this <3 Annamal

And this hair comb can be worn both as tiara and as a comb. So you could start your wedding day with tiara and change it at the after party in to comb. GlamourBijoux


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