Thursday, November 1, 2012

How Veil Saved My Wedding Day

This is a story of a veil i originally wasn't going to get and about unexpected things that can happen. Yeah i was all against getting a veil for my wedding, but then i just fall in love with one particular and  just couldn't stop thinking of it. And in the end i got it. Now i wonder if somehow i had some 6th sense which told me that i need a veil, really needed one...  Pictures of my veil can be seen here.

We took our official wedding photos on 6th of jun 2012 while our wedding was on 9th of jun. It was the most smart decision i could think off, to take photos before hand and not stress about them on the wedding day ( will write about this more later). Wedding photos were taken in our local beautiful park. The weather was bad in the morning and we even thought that there will be no way that any photos would be possible to take outside. Really looked like it would rain and was kinda cold. So it never even came to my mind to think about possible mosquitoes.......

Photos were supposed to be taken at 6pm as that is the time when the light is the most beautiful. And how happy we were when around 5.30 pm clouds moved and sun came out. So we decided to take photos in the park like originally was planned. Like you probably guessed already where was the sun there were mosquitoes as well.... I got bites all over my hands, my back and my chest.... Luckily no bites on my face. I tried all the medicine they had at the pharmacist and nothing helped.... I thought of many things that could go wrong on my wedding day, but somehow mosquito bites never came to my mind :)

On my wedding day my fantastic makeup artist at Wellhottaret salon was trying all the best she could to cover the bites while my hair was done. But of course she couldn't take the swelling away... That is where my veil became a life savior! It hide just right spots : my shoulders and my back! My veil saved my wedding day ! <3 

Suprisingly i didn't stress about the bites, swellings, or anything else.. I got married to a man i love and our official wedding photos allready were done with me still looking my best :D

Oh and here is the first photo of me in my bridal look :) Wedding dress and veil by fabulous Sis Idman ! <3

So future brides and their bridesmaids here are couple of things for you to learn from my experience:

  1. No matter what weather it is outside take with you anything that can drive away mosquitoes. Especially if your photos are taken somewhere in the park, near lake and or other mosquito favorite places.
  2. Even if you are 100% sure you don't want to cover your shoulders on your wedding day.. Do get something with which you can as you never know what can happen and you do not want to be running around city and searching for something on your wedding day or a day before.


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