Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wedding Veils : a Veil with Blusher

Like i promised i am continuing to introduce more of the veils for you to choose from. I'm thinking to go from shortest to longest, so this time i will show you some of the blusher veils. Blusher veils are usually very short in length and made with only one layer of material. This style of veil is used to cover the face prior to the ceremony, and falls just below the chin. It can be worn with virtually any style of dress. Brides usually are not wearing blusher over the face for entire wedding and it is usually lifted at some point dooring the wedding ceremony. Here are some usual moments when blusher can be removed :

1)  The most common tradition is for the father to lift the veil thereby reveling or presenting her to the groom.
2)  Another tradition is to leave the blusher down until it is time for the groom to kiss his bride.
3)  A new tradition is to have the groom unveil his bride after the father presents his daughter to him

Usually blusher is attached to a longer veil on the back. This beautiful veil is made from blusher and Cathedral lenght veil on the back. CLCOSTA DESIGNS

A veil with 34 inch blusher by veiledbeauty



Alisa Brides

I personally not sure about using a blusher myself or at least having it at any point over my face, but bride can change her mind if needed wasn't it so ? And sure thing i've been changing my mind a LOT :)


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