Tuesday, February 21, 2012

EAT FIT - Exercising While Eating, Nice Idea But...

Like many brides out there i am really trying to loose some weight before our wedding day. And everyone knows that to loose weight in a healthy way you need to both eat less and exercise more. British innovation has brought together dining with a small-scale athletics. Fork and knife, each weighing one kilogram. In addition to the fork and knife, there is also a dessert spoon. It’s small, but heavy. Sheer spoon weight 2 kilograms. Now that i think it is similar to the real dessert which is usually small but really heavy on the calories and is eaten more quickly than the main food. So this way you would burn the calories you eat at same time as you eat them. Sounds perfect to me :)

This invention is in my opinion more fun than functional. As far as equipment performance, it would probably depend more on what you plan to eat with those instruments. But i really feel like wanting to try out them. Just think of yourself eating with this hmm... interesting looking tools at a fancy restaurant :) Yeah i need those in my life!

Cutlery dumbbell Eat Fit made by hand, and cost about $ 160 for the entire set. However, the $ 70 you can buy separately dessert spoon, but for $ 120 – a knife with a fork.

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