Thursday, February 23, 2012

Choosing Place For Wedding Photos - Outdoor Locations

So we decided ( or i did ha ha ) to take our official photos somewhere out of the photo studio. After making this important decision i started to think about places where to take our photos. You can take photos somewhere near the river, on the sand beach, at the factory.. Basically just use your imagination and go through different locations in your town and areas around.You could always ask about good locations from your photographer. He will know some nice places for you to check.

This is so far my favorite outdoor location for our wedding photos. Kiiminki river is incredible place. I went there last summer with my fiance and our friend and fall in love with the place the moment i saw it. Pros are that this place is less crowded and easily can find a spot where no people would come and interrupt our photo shoots. The only negative thing i can think off is keeping my wedding dress clean and a little longer trip to this location. Little worried in what condition my dress will be after the car trip as well, as i think there is no place near by where i could change into my wedding dress. Sorry for not too well made photos, I'm not the professional photographer and this photos were made by me last summer :)

And more of the bad photos made by me :) Here is the beautiful location ( Turkansaari) i found as well not too far away from our city. It is actually an outdoor museum, but i think at summer time the place is simply breath taking beautiful. The negative part could be, that if unlucky there might be a lot of visitors that day and i wouldn't like to be stared all the time. The other part is that after rain this place is full of dirt, not something i would be too happy about in a wedding gown :)

Inside the beautiful museum church. It is actually even possible to have a wedding there ( we will have our wedding in a different location), but otherwise it works as a church on summer Sundays and for the rest of the time is a part of the museum.

This is park at our city and i think it's a really beautiful place to take some wedding photos. It is in the middle of the town as well, so wouldn't need to travel a long way to the location. The only bad thing is, that this park is really popular especially at summer time which isn't surprising at all as it's gorgeous. So we would need to take photos with people looking at us and we would need to wait for people to pass us by. Which would result in less photos in the same amount of time that could have been taken in a less crowdy place. But yes, i love the look of it.

I will still need to search for some indoor locations just in case there will be a rainy day. And will talk with our photographer to ask if he would think of any other places for us to take photos at. Exciting! Oh one more thing.. I really hope that the weather gods will be with us and bring an early or at least not too late spring here. Our wedding is in the beginning of jun, but we will take our photos a week or two before our wedding ( so that we will have enough time for taking photos and less stressful wedding day ). Finnish weather is really unreliable, i simply have no idea what kind of weather will we have then. It can easily be all green and beautiful at that time of the year, or it can even still be a snow on the grown. That is why i need to be sure i have some indoors location as well even tho it wouldn't be 100% what i would love to have.

But this ones are in my mind for now :)

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