Monday, February 20, 2012

Choosing Wedding Photographer

The wedding day will come and go. I've been asking few brides what they remembered about their wedding day and it seems, that many things are forgotten. This is why i think that taking nice photos is extremely important. So indeed the wedding day will end so fast, but the wedding photos will stay with you for ever to remind you what a fantastic day you had with your loved ones.

Yes, nowadays everyone has build in camera in their phones and most of us take even our own camera to the weddings, but you can't be sure that you will get good photos for yourself to remind you of a fantastic day you had. Would you really want to rely on your sister to take photos and not ask her not to go party? Would you put someone of your guest to work for you and not enjoy themselves? Think about it...

We talked with my fiance about taking wedding photos and he agreed on taking official photos, but wouldn't like any professional photographer running after us all day long and taking photos. To be 100 % honest, i would love to have photos about whole day of ours, but i can understand his view on the matter as well ( tho he never said anything about photographer running after me , ha ha). He hates to be photographed and him simply giving me agreement for official photo session is already big thing for me! ( and anyway, he didn't say anything about my sisters taking photos of us :) ).

Many times brides totally forget that the wedding isn't about the bride only and that there is a groom as well who's opinions should matter as much as the brides do. So anyhow he agreed for professional photo session, but he never said anything about HOW LONG the photo session can be and WHERE it will be taken :) I think taking wedding photos in the photo studio is little impersonal. I want the background somehow represent who me and my fiance are, what we like and maybe where we are going. So i choose the Landscape photography session. Yep here i made a choice as there were no restrictions on that matter from him even tho i am kinda sure if he would know the way i think, he would definitely put a 15 min photo session limit at the photo studio :)

So we are getting some official photos and really hope i can make him say yes to taking photos in the church while we will have our wedding ceremony as well! But we will see how that will work out :)

I've been searching for a good photographer for a while now. Well this is true and false at same time. I've been loving the work of one photographer in our city for at least 8 years now, but i tried to keep my mind open for other possible photographers. I did like some, dislike others, but the work of Reijo Koirikivi keeps on coming back to my thoughts. There just this soft feeling in the photos that i simply couldn't find in any other photographer's work. I really think, that you should go through all the local photographer works and find the one that makes the photos that somehow speak to you.

So anyhow last Friday I've made out my decision and booked time ! So happy it is done now ! I simply can't wait for the photo shoot :) This is studio photo with such a nice old photography feeling in it! It is so romantic and beautiful, love it !

Fantasy photo <3

Love how it seems that the couple was just having their moment together and it looks like they have no idea that someone is taking photos. I really hope we will manage to get to this kind of stage in our photos, so that everything would look natural and not posed for camera!

So much joy in this photo!

Can you really blame me for wanting to have this photographer ?

Photos are taken from Studio P.S.V.

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