Thursday, February 9, 2012

Romantic Garters

Some brides think that garter isn't an important part of the bridal look as you can't actually see it until possible garter tossing. But for me the bridal look actually start from the lingerie and garter. Garter is something on which the bridal look is build, as it is kinda like a little secret only bride knows about. Of course it is nowadays usual thing to have some kind of garter on, and the are numerous amount of different looks for it, but still i realy wait for my wedding day and puting the garter on.

More and more bride decide to actually wear two garters instead of only one; one as a keepsake garter and the other for the throw away. Both garters are worn on the right leg just above the knee.  Like you will see in the photos i found, many of the garters have their matching pair for throwing away. I think for the brides  who would like to have a garter on their wedding night and a nice memory, this could me a very nice option. 

The tradition of throwing garter work this way: the groom removes the throw away garter from the brides leg, sometimes he removes it with his teeth , but more appropriately nowadays he uses his hands. He does this while the bride is sat in a chair.After the garter is removed, he then throws it to the single male guests. In some cultures the male guest then takes the garter and places it on the leg of the single female guest who has caught the bouquet, but I've seen some situations of male guest putting the garter on their own hair like a headband :) Those that catch either item are said to be the next to marry. In some instances, it is said that they will marry each other.



I somehow have a feeling that my fiance would love this kind of garter on me for our wedding day hehe

You can even have whole bridal party wearing this garters with the little surviving packages or a flask :)


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