Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wedding Stress

Today is one of the days when i feel little stresses and sad.. I want so many things, but i simply can't get them all. Don't think I'm alone with this issue - I'm a woman after all :) Honestly I'm not very good in compromising on the things i like and i hate even to think about budget and about money. I'm one of those people who wants different and unique and unforgettable, but i guess any bride wants that. Yes i know the wedding isn't about STAFF , i know it is about celebrating the love two person have to each other, but what to do when you want to celebrate it in a most beautiful way ?

I simply can't get it all and even if i could.. would it ever be enough ? Or would i become as those celebrities who spend millions on their wedding day? The thought of it is really scary...!

So what do i do ? How to save some money on the things i REALLY want without compromising too much ? Some of the things it is possible to do yourself, like invitations, table cards, menu and decorations. It is cheaper to make your own flower arrangements for the tables than to buy ready made bouquets from the flower store. Basically just think what you can/want do yourself and what you can't.

I've been thinking of making few things myself and save some money for the things i simply not able to make myself, like photography for example. Will go to a second hand stores and to pawnshop and even to one auction.. So wish me luck, and i will be keeping you updated with the progress on this matter :)


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