Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wedding dress of january - Medieval style

I am little late with the dress for January, but I would really like to continue my winter inspired weddings with this breath taking beautiful winter gown. It's especially fantastic dress for those brides who like medieval style. Long sleeves, fur borders, waist emphasising belt and elegant colouring of this dress will make any bride look stunning and original looking on her special day. This dress was found on German website :


The trail of this dress isn't too long, but enough to give some royal feeling. 

Here is example of the same dress in green with grey fur borders. Beautiful dress for those brides who do not want to wear white or light colour wedding gown. I can see this green dress looking great in wedding ceremonies taken in forest and in autumn.  Can i please have both, just for my pleasure... :)

If you are interested in a dress with this style, you could easily ask your local seamstress how would it be possible. I'm sure a good seamstress will be able to make this gown for you just the way you like.


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