Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wedding Invitations Part 1

So i have little over 4 month till my wedding day and I'm running little late with the invitations. But no worries everything will be ready on time when this girl starts working :) Anyway I've been looking at different websites for some inspiration (something different) and thought i would share some of the wedding invitations i found with you. 

I think it is realy important to choose the right invitations for your wedding. The colour and style will set tone to your whole wedding.

If you have nice photo of you and your groom, you could definitely make this invitations for your wedding. Unfortunately for us this one isn't possible, we don't have even one good photo of us two together as my fiance hates to be photographed :) Hmmm.. what will i do on our wedding day.. ?

This beauties can be ordered from ByInvitationOnlycom

Simple and elegant. PinkOrchidInvites

Invitation with your favorite music perhaps?

Maybe butterflies as a theme for your wedding ?

I think this ones look so original and beautiful <3 Shabby Scrap

Send some tickets to your wedding <3 EcoFriendlyBridal


Or how about invitation in the bottle? You could easely decorate tables with them as well!


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  1. any color for the butterfly?how to order?