Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fairy Tale Weddings

Every bride wants a fairy tale wedding.  A wedding they are dreaming off. It doesn’t need to be necessarily a princess style of a wedding with white horses, Cinderella carriage and 300 guests, or it can be exactly that. A fairy tale wedding is different for every bride.  Some of the brides know exactly what they want and been having preparations made in their minds since they were little girls, but for some the journey is just beginning.

Why am I starting this blog? I’ve been always interested in different styles of clothing, combining in my own wardrobe normal jeans, 50’s pin up style, steampunk clothing and braid hairstyles from medieval era. So it wasn’t surprising that while making our own wedding preparations I found myself in situation where I have too many ideas for one single wedding.  Hmm, I wonder how my fiancé would react if I would suggest to have 4 weddings at different times of the year and with different styles instead of one we will have in June 2012…

I’ve decided to share with you the ideas and tips I find while making my own wedding preparations. You can choose your own theme for the wedding of your dreams, or you can be like me and combine different styles together in a unique way. After all there is no wrong way of making your wedding, just use your imagination and your fairy tale wedding can come true.. 

So come with me on this trip to find a fairy tale wedding for you. We will talk about Medieval, Victorian, Steampunk, 30s and 50s styles of the weddings. As nature is really close to my heart I will bring some natural wedding themes and green thinking. Every month I will be showing you a wedding dress of the month, but otherwise I will be trying to give you information from making invitations to finding the right lingerie, bridal flowers and anything that has some part in the wedding.. Oh and I will try not to forget about the groom…  He is needed as well , as I’ve heard :)

Katherine, bride of the cold north

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