Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wedding Shoes - Rainbow Liliana

I've originally thought that finding shoes will be the most easy thing of all and that wedding dress will be the most hard thing to find. But actually everything went totally in a wrong way. (I will tell about me finding wedding dress later on with final pictures of it, but now the shoes time) Originally i thought that i would have some normal shoes that i can actually wear after the wedding. I even buy a pair of shoes before went dress shopping but i couldn't wear them as the heel was too high for my wedding dress. And then the closer and closer our wedding was the less and less i wanted normal shoes and more and more wanted something that would fit my wedding dress. After all the searches i found Rainbow Liliana shoes.

I fall in love with them immediately, but there were non for sale in our city and i was worried to order shoes online. I knew the store ( Morsiusateljee Katariina ) from where i got my dress and veil had other Rainbow shoes so i went there and asked for help. The amazing girls in that bridal store helped me out and ordered this shoes just for me and last Friday i finally got them home! Here are my beloved, the most amazing looking shoes in the whole world <3

I usually wear size 41 European shoes and this were just the right size in 41 European / 8UK. They are incredibly comfortable to walk in. Shoes came with 2 pairs of ties. The plush velvet and floaty organza ones. I personally like the velvet ones the most.

With velvet ties

The lower picture is with organza ties. The one negative part about organza ties is that the ends are not finished. So if the ends are not burned or closed in some other way they will start to open up and fast ( as my own started to open right away after i put them in the shoes). I was little surprised about this as this shoes are not cheap and i expected them to be in top condition at every part. But in the end fixing ends are not such a big deal.

This vintage and even Victorian looking shoes have hand beaded embroidered tulle and elegant round nose. I had difficulty in finding shoes that would not have a sharp nose. My foot is narrow and long, and sharp nose shoes make my foots look like I'm wearing a skis :) I don't know about you, but it somehow felt like most of the wedding shoes still have this sharp nose. Luckily for me not all of them! Aren't they amazing! <3

Oh and almost forgot. This shoes come with beautiful organza traveling bag as well <3

If you are curious about my bridal look, this shoes give some clues of what to expect :)


PS. Sorry for bad photos. Our camera  is old and starting to work badly... buying a new one after the wedding ^^

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